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The Visual Connection home

Work conferences: the pressure cooker for results

Steering together towards a breakthrough in teamwork, strategy or complex issues. We only work with experienced facilitators who have an eye for both group dynamics and results. We achieve our success with good preparation, workshops, kick-off sessions and the use of visualisation. Read more here»

Visuele teambuilding bij Microsoft Nederland

Team building: allow your team to take a big step forward 

More job satisfaction & results with the power of visualisation. Team building is essential and useful. Especially now that we are working from home more, it is sometimes difficult to stay connected. Work together on your team's bigger picture. Read more here»

Business drawing: more impact with marker and paper 

Using your creativity and drawings make your presentations more fun and interactive. It also provides a stronger message and more impact. Business drawing is easy to learn and anyone can do it. In six steps we will take you into the world of business drawing. Read here how to register»

Visual facilitation: become a pro in visual meetings

From a fun drawing to visual change. Listen, structure and organise. Make a clear and understandable canvas for dialogue a meeting. In addition, you will learn various visual methods for facilitating meetings during this three-day course. 

Look here for more information»

Online meetings met impact

Online meetings: this is how you really make an impact

No exhausting meetings where you fall asleep in front of your screen. We help you organise and facilitate meetings in which dynamic, interaction & results are pivotal. Involve the participants in your session, have genuine contact with each other and collaborate (again) as if you were in the same room. Read more about this training »

Remote leadership: more connection, job satisfaction and results

Your team is alternately working from home, at the office and elsewhere. You notice that interconnectivity is lacking. Working requires more energy and that doesn't just apply to you. This should and can be done differently. Reconnect your team and improve online collaboration. Read what this training will bring you and your team here»

Strategische conferentie - werkvorm binnen-buitenkring

Facilitating leadership: more results and collaboration with less effort

Discover your own strength and flexibility in process facilitation. This course is not just about acquiring new knowledge and skills. It is also a process in which you receive personal coaching and work on the challenges you are currently facing. Read about the benefits here»

A visual report of your meeting

A picture is worth a thousand words. That is why a visual report in which someone graphically records the results live during the meeting is so powerful. This is not about lovely stand-alone drawings. It is a combination of images, words, colours and frames that together give meaning. Otherwise known as the big picture. Read what graphic recording can do for you here»

Jeroen’s facilitation style was ideal for a group coming together for the first time to form a team. Through discussion and use of visual aids and activities, it didn’t feel as though we were participating remotely from sites around the world but could easily have been in the same room.

C. Hirst - Global Director Fundraising ASC

Creating a strategy with 22 people? Yes, it's possible and extremely valuable. But you have to facilitate it properly. We have had excellent support from Jeroen. He facilitated our training days with exuberance and optimism. He was very well-prepared, he challenged us, questioned us, steering towards the end result. That's why he is at the top of my list when it comes to facilitating complex issues.


Ernst Japikse
Ernst Japikse - CEO Ennatuurlijk

With our team of consultants we had a mix of visual training and team building in one. We can't wait to use this unique method more often. A picture paints a thousand words!

Evelien Douwes - Antoni van Leeuwenhoekziekenhuis
E. Douwes - Antoni van Leeuwenhoekziekenhuis

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Read the story of the ASC

Door het Door het visualiseren van teamplannen is het nog duidelijker waar het team voor staat en hun visie op cultuur en gedrag

The World of Visual Facilitation

Visual facilitation is the way to communicate in meetings and during changes. We collected fifty of the best visual facilitators worldwide in one book.

Procesbegeleiding teambuilding

Towards a breakthrough in collaboration & strategy

“We are stuck with the way we work. Creative ideas fail and real results are not forthcoming. Now we really want to go about it differently, under the guidance of a facilitator."

Training: online, hybrid & visual collaboration

"I'm ready for the next step. I understand that online collaboration is here to stay. And that visualisation can strengthen communication and collaboration."

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