Procesbegeleiding teambuilding

Work Conferences

Steering together towards a breakthrough in teamwork, strategy or complex issues

Neutral facilitators

Our experts are very experienced in supporting groups with complex issues.

On location & online

Also available through a professional live streaming studio.

Visual facilitation

For an overview of the complexity, better understanding and participation.

Procesbegeleiding teambuilding

Time for a breakthrough

You have to take the next step and you can't do it alone. To do this, you are looking for a neutral and inspiring process coach who will show you the way. Who pays attention to both the group dynamics and the result.

  • "It's time for our team to get to grips with the why, what and how of our organisation"
  • “The parties are just not getting on well, while we have a complex issue to solve together."
  • "We want to organise a conference in the context of a major change."
  • "Our management has a clear vision, but how are we going to achieve this together?"

When we are asked a question like this, we are on the edge of our seats.

Drie personen met zicht op Amsterdam

Achieving results in clear steps

  • In a personal meeting we will look for the right match: what do you want to achieve and are we the right party for you? This conversation quickly provides insight into the general approach.
  • We explore the situation with the most important stakeholders beforehand. This gives us a good idea of the why, the what, the who and the how.
  • Then we form the design team: a small group of representatives that can count on the support of the entire group. In doing this, we detail the approach from A to Z. This actually brings us straight into the process coaching.
  • We communicate well in advance with the entire group.
  • During the meeting(s), we support the group to achieve the intended result. We visualise both the process of creation and the result.
  • After the meeting(s) you will receive the visual report: photos of the substantive results, drawings and impressions of the group.
  • Finally, we evaluate the process together: how did it go and how do you proceed?

Ms.Daniela Ruz

Training and CABs Account Manager ASC

The "offline activities" were a success

"Twice a year we organize a retreat in order to align our work for the coming year and for team bonding. Since we are an international team, spread out over the world, this is a challenge. The ''offline activities'' like cooking and drawing really helped to the success of the meetings. After months in front of screens it was a nice break! The preparation calls were key. It saved time during the retreat and made it more efficient."

Practical cases

Ernst Japikse bij conferentie Ennatuurlijk.png

Strategic conference with top energy company

Two-day strategy conference with management and team leaders (twenty-two people) of a heat supply company. Topics: mission, vision, future scenarios, market positioning and strategy, HR and finance. Result: better cooperation and acceleration in the realisation of the strategy.

Online meetings met impact

Drawing up a policy plan with stakeholders

Together with a Municipal Health Authority organisation (GGD), we laid the substantive basis for the four-year health plan with thirty stakeholders. This process consisted of three three-hour online meetings. Result: the plan was completed in record time.

Procesbegeleiding teambuilding

Evaluation of public space project

After the realisation of a renovation of a complex arterial road in our capital, we evaluated the entire process with the stakeholders. Result: clear lessons after an open dialogue and 'levelling out the playing field' between the various parties.

Virtual conference with global team

We supervised a 'virtual retreat' with a team of eleven people for a worldwide organisation. The team members worked from their home bases in Ecuador, Brazil, USA, Ireland, UK, The Netherlands, Singapore and Australia. The result: clarity about the strategy, harmony in the team after the departure of an important manager, clarity about the role division and above all a lot of fun together. The fun parts were a joint cooking session from everyone's kitchen and a short workshop on business drawing.

Impressions of our conferences

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