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Training: Remote Leadership

More connection, job satisfaction and results with teams that work remotely


Fresh connections

As a leader, reconnect team members for better (online) collaboration

Bring the fun back

Bring enjoyment and work-life balance back up to standard.

Team results

Facilitate your team so that they can continue to deliver results, wherever and whenever they work.
Online meetings met impact

Hybrid working: quickly feel at home leading your remote team

Your team is alternately working from home, at the office and elsewhere. You notice that interconnectivity is lacking. This impacts on job satisfaction, creativity and work progress. It's tiring, and not just you.

So it's your challenge to keep your team together and help it to continue to perform. How do you reconnect, how do you position yourself and how do you influence behaviour? How do you deal with the differences between the young, digitally skilled and older team members, who sometimes find it more difficult to keep up with online collaboration?

Sounds familiar? Then this training is perfect for you!

I want this

With the right training you will be up to date in no time

Hybrid collaboration and leadership: we know all the secrets, ins & outs. With this online and hands-on training you will learn all you need to know from our expert. You also exchange experiences with other managers who struggle with the same challenge.

With this training you will enthuse your remote team

You will feel energised again

Free yourself from those many hours behind your laptop, meeting after meeting. Maximise the yield of your meeting time. This brings breathing space into your day and creates balance.

Bring the mutual creativity back to the desired level

How do you keep the ideas of your team members flowing again? Without having to discuss it endlessly? Get back into flow together.

Supported decisions and ownership

Experience what it's like to make decisions that can count on support again. And where the team members feel real ownership again.

This training is for you if:

  • as a supervisor, manager or, for example, team coach you are responsible for the ins and outs of a remote team.

  • you want to have more control over your own behaviour and that of your team. As elusive as that may seem.

  • you understand that professionals will continue to work independently of time and place, now and in the future, and that investing in this now is important.

This training is not for you if:

  1. your team is back to work fully at the office.

  2. you are used to leading remote teams.

  3. you are not convinced that your enjoyment and performance of a hybrid team can improve.

Programme of the Remote Leadership Training

Module 1: the basics

The seven principles of remote management

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a remote leader? Which leadership role suits you best?

Team dynamics and psychological safety

How to lead hybrid meetings

Module 2: change and productivity

Coming to supported decisions

Guiding teams through changes

Introduction to practical cases

Module 3: in practice

TFeedback from practical cases: how are you and your team doing now?

Work-life balance for you and your team

How do you continue to develop yourself?


Proof that you have taken a big step in your remote leadership

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Remote Leadership Training

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  • Are you looking for your own remote leadership style?
  • Do you want to get more out of your remote team?
  • Are you ready to learn this?

    Then this is the training for you. You will benefit from the experience of our experts.

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