Graphic Recording by Lianne

I easily draw what you mean  

Meet Lianne

I am Lianne Steinfort and I am the youngest in my family. As child it was sometimes hard for me to have a voice at the dinner table, so I used my pencil and creativity to express myself. This is what I still do. With my drawings I capture the essence of a situation quickly and with humor. My vizualisations tell the story that really matters. It not only conveys my own message, but also the message of the people and the organizations that I help. 

Examples of her work 

Her approach 

Graphic recording visueel verslag Lianne

This is what I can do for you!

In my graphic recording I use simple drawings and short pieces of text to report on the spot what I see and hear. Think of visual summaries of conferences, workshops, teammeetings and seminars.

When you have a presentation with the visualization you actually make use of what is also known as visual storytelling

In my drawings I often use a cartoonistic style. The humor I use is not just meant to be funny, but rather as a powerful way to get a message across. 

In addition to static drawings, I also produce animation and sketch videos to help you and your team to tell the story you wish to share. 

What others say about Lianne and her work 

I loved working with Lianne and would do it again

" I am looking forward to the next opportunity to work together with Lianne. The way se uses humor to visualize all types of themes, even the difficult ones, is truly unique and inspiring." 

Her way of visualizing helped us during the conversation 

"During a workshop I met Lianne. She made a great visualization at the end of the day and really capture the essence on one paper-sheet. I directly knew she was the one to make the illustrations for my clip by the song: Jump at the table. She did a marvelous job. I am really happy with her work."

Say yes and work with Lianne

I am looking forward to meet you and draw your story 

Lianne Steinfort