Online meetings met impact

Effective Online Meetings

Energy, Interaction & Results in all your digital meetings

Energy & Fun 

No more exhausting meetings, where you fall asleep in front of your screen, but energy from start to finish.


Involve your participants with catchy online teaching methods and avoid complicated tools.

Improve your business results 

Give the right responsibility to everyone and watch how people really get on board. That's how you get results.

Fun online meetings that yield results, it’s something you can learn

"Our online meetings are well organised technically, but do not yield enough."
"I know that online collaboration is here to stay. How do we make our regular online sessions fun again?"
"I provide online training. How do I really keep the group engaged?"

Do you want to know and experience how to make online sessions more fun and dynamic? How you really connect with each other, have more relaxed meetings and achieve your goals. How to really start collaborating again through Teams, Zoom or another tool instead of staring at a screen and always trying to keep everyone engaged.

Do you want online meetings that fly by? Dynamic team sessions that leave you energised?

Then the Effective Online Meetings training is perfect for you!

Free yourself and your colleagues from those energy-guzzling online sessions

What will you have gained after this training?

Online meeting

Tips & Tricks

Do you know the most important tips & tricks for online interaction

Online Tools 

Do you understand how to get the most out of existing online tools

Designing Online Sessions

Do you know all the secrets for designing a good online meeting

Certainty & trust

Do you take the lead confidently and work from a point of calm and overview

More energy & results 

Are you getting more results from online meetings and does it require less energy

Who is this training for?

This training is for you if

  • You collaborate a lot and want to get more results from all kinds of digital meetings
  • You think it is important to invest in your personal and professional growth and development 
  • You are a manager or project leader who likes practical learning and who wants to be trained by the best in the field

This training is not for you if

  1. You do not want to invest time and energy in this professional development
  2. You think we're going back to the era where everyone will be working from the office and we're going to make less use of digital meetings 
  3. You have never worked with Teams or Zoom and you have not yet mastered the basic skills of digital working


Module 1: the basics

* What are the rules of the game in the virtual world?


* How do you keep all participants engaged?


* Tips for the best work environment


* Practice with digital brainstorming in breakouts


* The three levels of online tools 


* Roles and tasks: who does what to make sure everything runs smoothly?


Online meeting

Module 2: online facilitation methods

* Online teaching methods: which application and how do you approach it smartly?


* Designing an effective online meeting from A to Z 


* Templates and checklists for online meetings and training


* Introduction to the practical assignment (optional): prepare an online meeting and include other participants in your case.


Module 3: in practice

* What are your obstacles in practice, especially after applying the lessons of the first modules?


* You assess, test and experiment your own approach to your online meeting


* We do this through supervision and intervision


* Next steps: how do you continue to learn?

€ 345,-

Effective Online Meetings Training

* Get 15% off if you introduce a new participant

** Thanks to our registration with the CRKBO we can invoice without VAT 

Could your online meetings be much more fun?

Do you want more energy and results from your digital meetings?

Are you ready to organise and supervise all kinds of sessions with confidence and peace of mind?

Then this is the most complete training you can follow. Benefit from the broad experience of the trainers of The Visual Connection

Impressions of the training


What others say

"We wouldn’t have missed the coffee break."
During the introductory meeting I already felt the energy and enthusiasm. This training is a real wake-up call for our experienced colleagues. There were a lot of 'Aha' moments. During the pandemic, we silently and smoothly transitioned to digital. Now that hybrid working is a thing and we find ourselves in front of a group again, it is good to reflect on how we want to do that as DPI. The trainer set a good example, his interactive way of presenting, preparing and collecting and responding to the needs of the participants is an eye opener. The great thing is that after the training everyone can immediately start implementing the tips and tricks at their own level. We are even more aware of ourselves and our own role in the meeting and know which buttons we can push for a successful session.
Daan Cornelissen - Adviseur tendermanagement DPI
Daan Cornelissen - Advisor tender management at DPI
"Being the creative person, I was put forward by my colleague."

Such a recommendation: accessible, applicable and a lot of fun.

I have been employed by SMARTR since the beginning of 2021 and I am not yet used to working online. So this training was very welcome. The trainer showed how to make an online meeting fun and ensure that everyone joins in. What I liked especially is that you can immediately put all the ideas and tips into practice. It is interactive and during the last module we worked on case reports. The only downside is that we are not allowed to share files with each other due to our own privacy policy. We are now looking for a workable solution, but I'm sure it will be fine. My tip: Do the training, be surprised and above all actively participate! So don't wait, just ask all your questions. The more you get out of this training.

Mieke Kroon - Business Consultant SMARTR
Mieke Kroon - Business Consultant at SMARTR

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